House extension for a private client


Project Type:

Two story timber frame extension to the gable end of a semi-detached two storey house. The extension consists of a new motorcycle garage, a new lounge, dining room and a first floor on-suite double bedroom. The extension consists of a new motorcycle garage with a bin storage to the south, the new lounge and dining room to the north and a first floor on-suite double bedroom. Due to the addition of a new bedroom, there is a provision for a new third car park. The extension to the side and the rear is chosen because it offers the least amount of disturbance to the family living within the house during works. There are two penetrations through the gable of existing house. First opening is to the ground floor kitchen, the second opening is through the existing first floor cupboard to form a new door opening into the new double bedroom. The rear single-story extension is 4m from the face of the rear elevation of the existing house. The front facing two storey elevation is set back at 2m from the front elevation of existing house at the first-floor level. The recess and the stepped arrangement of the proposed front facing elevation is intended to mitigate any possibility of a terracing effect occurring if the neighbouring property was to extend in a similar way. All new materials are to match existing, with the exception of the cedar cladding to rear walls which are facing the rear garden.