Community arts exhibition space feasibility study


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The Murray Hall is located in the centre of the Auchencairn village and is ran by the Auchencairn Community Council. It is a popular community venue with a number of recurring weekly activities and larger events spread throughout the year. The council’s objective is to upkeep the premises to allow continuous versatile use of the Murray Hall for village residents and beyond.

Whilst prioritising the upkeeping of the hall in the service of the local community, the council has spotted an
opportunity to create a dedicated exhibition space to the rear of the Murray Hall, which is sought to bring a further positive change to the village. The idea was first born whilst trying to come up with a strategy for the currently underused and operationally expensive public toilet facilities to the rear of the Murray Hall. One of the approaches considered was to remove the toilet block and relocate the toilet facilities to within the Hall, a move which would also free up real estate to the rear of the hall. The dedicated exhibition space could be placed instead of the toilet blocks.

The versatile, vibrant and broad artist community within and around the village has currently no dedicated space to
represent their work. To have their work seen, the local artists typically need to travel further away. Taking a precedent of multiple exhibition spaces around Auchencairn, a dedicated space for artists can act as a powerful
promotional platform, not only for the artists but for the whole of the village, making it a destination point for the potential visitors. A larger tourist footfall would mean a positive impact on the local economy.

The proposal seeks to establish a new multi-use exhibition/workshop space in recognition of the vibrant local artist
community within Auchencairn area. The new addition would allow for new functions without disrupting the existing Hall. The space is intended to be a powerful promotional platform, not only for local artists, but for the whole village, making it a destination point for the potential visitors.